Posted on Thursday, 27 March

Lawwwwwd!!!! @thenewclassic #fancy is on the radio! LAWWWWWWD!

Posted on Saturday, 15 March

#100happydays #day5 writing helps me on that daily journey to find the ‘happy’ it helps me write down those fears, frustrations and destructive things that threaten to keep my eyes on my defeats and blind me from my triumphs…i’m always so thankful to have this outlet to purge those heavy things and get some outside perspective when the internal is in such turmoil…

Posted on Friday, 14 March

Ria by my new LOL (Love of Life) the #burritobox!!! 😱😱😱😱

Posted on Friday, 14 March

#twentyonepilots with Elan and Ria. What a fun time!!

Posted on Thursday, 13 March

Finding out one of my favorite new musicians #tovelo put out an ep, and connecting with the beauty of nature made me feel like I got to experience happiness in simple powerful ways. #day3 #100happydays

Posted on Wednesday, 12 March

After unexpectedly covering my boo @jazzycakes3_ shift, I was welcomed w/one of my #100happydays partners in crime @lola_munster who brightened my night as always and repeatedly put a smile on my face :). We even parked one car apart without realizing!! #day2 #allsmiles

Posted on Saturday, 8 March

#thegrove at 5 p.m…

Posted on Tuesday, 4 March

Okay last one of #thegrove

Posted on Tuesday, 4 March

The view from #thegrove

Posted on Monday, 3 March

Hollywood at night